FLY FISHING RODS: Experience Fly Fishing with Utmost Versatility

An overview: Fly Fishing

fly_fishing_home1One could have never thought fishing to be a specialized area altogether. Fishing which is mainly an economic facilitator for several people across the nations has also become a great independent and relishing profession. Blessed with a huge coastline, people in United States of America not only depend on it for their livelihood and food consumption, but they also enjoy pursuing fishing with their family and friends while they are out on some relishing plan. Since there are different types of fishes in fresh water, salt water, marine environments, etc…, fishing them altogether becomes a specialized technique. There are different methods, tactics and styles of fishing them. It is essential for the user to learn about the technique well before planning up for some fishing ideas.

Amongst the various techniques for fishing, fly fishing is quite a renowned and practiced form of fishing. It is an angling method wherein the user inserts an artificial fly for trapping and catching fish. The user can undertake fly fishing in both fresh as well as salt water. For North American residents, fly fishing is distinguished freshwater fishing between warm water species like bass and cold water species namely salmon, trout and steelhead. However in Great Britain, people refer it as coarse fishing and game fishing for salmon and trout. Fly Fishing is greatly dependent upon habitat. The technique of undertaking it differs from ponds, lakes, large rivers, estuaries, bays, Open Ocean, etc…, Users can practice fly fishing by utilizing several techniques namely, fishing in cold water, playing trout, dry fly trout fishing, releasing trout, saltwater fishing, still water trout fishing and nymphing for trout.

Best Fly Fishing Rods Comparison & Reviews

Fly Fishing Rods Comparison
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Customer Rating
Model Number
Line Wt.(lbs.)
Reel Seat
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Eagle Claw
7.6 to 10
Dyna flow seven snake guides,one circle guide at the bottom
Cork handle
6.6 to 9
2 to 5
8 to 9.6
3 to 10
Aluminum Pipe Reel Seat with Aluminum Hoods
\"Titanium Oxide Stripper, Stainless Steel Snake\"
7 to 9
4 to 8
\"Titanium Oxide Stripper, Stainless Steel Snake\"
half wells grip
6 to 8
Premium cork
7.6 to 9
3 to 9
Carbon fiber
Half/Full wells handle
8 to 10
2.50 ounce
Recoil titanium guides
AAAA grade full wells cork handle
4 to 7
machined aluminum reel seat
quality-plated snake guides
cork grip
Temple Fork Outfitters
7.6 to 10
3 to 10
Anodized reel seats
Premium grade cork with burled accents

Detailed UndersHardy Zenith #4 Fly Fishing Rod (4-Piece)2tanding: Fly Fishing Rods

Being a specialized technique, fly fishing can only be done with the help of a particular equipment. Hence, fly fishing rods are utilized for fly fishing activity. In fly fishing rods, artificial fly is used as a cast. For inserting a cast in the rod, the user utilizes fly rod, weighted line and reel. It is very essential to ensure specialized casting techniques for luring a weightless fly for catching fishes. This technique is very different from other forms of fishing. Fishermen utilize hand tied flies in fly fishing rods. Hand tied flies matches with the appearance of natural invertebrates. Hence, they can easily entice fishes. There are several brands that manufacture and provide fly fishing rods. Fly Fishing rods are available in different types, forms, sizes, etc…, as per the need and requirement of the user. Fly fishing rods can be chosen as per their types, built, action, length, weight etc…, Amongst the modern constructions, fly fishing rods are available in two different types namely fiberglass fly fishing rods and graphite fly fishing rods. From action point of view, users can easily select from slow action fly fishing rods, medium action fly fishing rods and fast action fly fishing rods. Users can also select the length appropriate according to them. Short fly fishing rods, medium fly fishing rods and large fly fishing rods can be availed from a size of 8 feet to 15 feet.

Functioning of Fly Fishing Rods:Echo Carbon Fly Rod1

Fly fishing rods invite specialization and informed training before going ahead with practical implementation. In order to start with it, first and foremost requisite is learning and getting educated about the basic functioning. Fly fishing rods are designed in a way that it aids the fishermen in gaining a strong control, hold and leverage while he is reeling and enticing fish towards his set trap. There are few steps that are required to be followed for fly fishing. These steps are completely accommodated as per the functions of rod.

Initially, the fisherman cast the rod with the help of an artificial fly or hand tied flies. The method of fly fishing is completely dependent upon fly line only. It ensures to carry and hold the cast till the end. As soon as the artificial fly succeeds in striking with water, the fishermen then utilizes the rod for controlling the movement of fly just to lure the fish appropriately and strategically. By implementing equipment, skill and caliber appropriately, the user can succeed in developing their creative strategies in attracting specific fishes in picky environments. In some situations, user can cast a floating fly, in some he can use a fly that drifts, in some he can choose the one that can sink in still zones, etc…,

Once, the fish is trapped, the fisherman then initiates the next process. It then secures the hook in the mouth of the fish with the help of a rod. It is very essential to maintain the pressure on the fish so that it does not escape. Repeated implementation of this process, drain out the energy in fish. Thus it exhausts the water bodies and leads to successful capturing of fishes.

The next step is to reel in for bringing fishes towards him. There are specific and exact rod elements that are used for reeling in fishes. There is some amount of action that takes place between fish and fisherman. Hence he needs to pull in the reel appropriately.

Benefits of using Fly Fishing Rods Echo Solo Fly Rod3

The following are the benefits of utilizing fly fishing rods:

1. Fly fishing is a special technique that can be done with the help of special equipments only. It can be done in any situation; be it fresh water, salt water, marine, lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, seas, still water, etc…,

2. Fly Fishing Rods are available in different specifications. Beginners, experts, intermediates, etc…, can well utilize fly fishing rods as per their requirements.

3. Available in fiberglass and graphite construction, fly fishing rods ensure the user to avail strong and durable fly fishing rods.

4. As per the action required, users can opt for slow, medium and fast action rods.

5. With respect to power, users can easily avail fly fishing rods that are light, ultra light, medium – heavy, ultra heavy, etc…, in weight. Hence the user can easily select the one, according to one’s power.

6. The reel differs in shape and size. Hence, users can check the one that is best suiting his or her requirement.

Echo Carbon Fly Rod2

How to select an ideal Fly Fishing Rod?

In order to go in for an ideal fly fishing rod, it is very essential for the user to choose the one according to several parameters and factors. Location plays a vital role in selecting the one. Different forms of water namely lakes, streams, salt water, fresh water, river, etc…, require different types of fly fishing rods. Hence, the user should be clear about his or her location for fishing. On selecting the flying rod as per the location, the user should be aware of its advantages as well. Within stream fly fishing rods, their advantages also differ from one another. Each and every aspect in fly fishing rods matters a lot while selecting one. The size, action, types, purpose, flexibility, construction, power, etc…, needs to be well checked before buying one. There are different types of fishes that need to be trapped with a fly fishing rod that is technically sound. There are two types of construction namely fiberglass fly fishing rod and graphite fly fishing rod. Fiberglass ones can be easily used by beginners and experts in any situation but graphite ones being more expensive than the former ones are utilized in special situations. The power and action too differ as per the situation. Slow action fly fishing rods are used for small fishes, medium action fly fishing rods is used to trap slightly heavy fishes and fast action fly fishing rods is ideal for long distance fishing. Since fishing is done by people from all sizes, users can easily go in for rods that match well with their sizes. Short fly fishing rods are available in eight feet; medium fly fishing rods are available in eight to nine feet while the large ones can be availed upto 15 feet in length.

Top Brands present in this segment:

Okuma-Crisium-home1. Okuma Crisium Graphite 2-Piece Fly Rod: This type of fly fishing rod is specifically catered to those users who go in for patient and smooth stroke. Due to their patience, these users can easily make a cast with an effortless manner. This two piece model spanning at 7 to 9 feet in length is made up of lightweight graphite. It also comprises several unique features namely, rosewood reel seat, stainless steel snake guides and titanium oxide stripper guide.

Okuma-SLV-Graphite-home2. Okuma SLV Graphite 4-Piece Fly Rod: Okuma stands out to be recognized fishing rods manufacturing company. It is received in a 4 piece format for safe transit and easy assemblage. This rod is made up of lightweight graphite construction. There are several features namely Titanium Oxide Stripper Guide, aluminum pipe reel seat, aluminum hoods and stainless steel snake guides.

Eagle-Claw-Featherlight-home3. Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 7-Feet): The rod measures at 84 x 2x 2 inches. Eagle Claw is a recognized fishing rods manufacturing company. It has been a favorite of people since years. This rod comprises of Dyna Flow Guides and traditional glass that are meant for Panfish, Rainbows, etc…,

TFO-Temple-Fork-Lefty-Kreh-Home4. TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Graphite Fly Fishing Rod: Made up of graphite construction, the rod is available in 14 different models. Weighing at 3 Kgs to 10 Kgs, the rod has raised TFO’s reputation to great levels. The rod is comprised with several features namely, Anodized reel seats with aluminum inserts, Smooth and powerful, medium fast rods, Premium grade cork with burled accents, Comes with a TFO-logo red rod sock for optional customization and Black matte finished blanks and gold logos for style.

Echo-Solo-Home5. Echo Solo Fly Rod: The Echo series brings in a four piece travel fly fishing rod. With easy disassembling and assembling back, the users can find it really comfortable in traveling with this fly fishing rod. Echo gives lifetime warranty to its users on buying this fly fishing rod. There are alignment dots displayed from point to point for quick assemblage.

Daiwa-Algonquin-home6. Daiwa Algonquin-A 9-Feet Fly Rod: Daiwa Corporation is a renowned brand for manufacturing fishing equipments. Ranging 9 feet in length and weighing 4 to 5 pounds in weight, the fly fishing rod stands out to be a versatile one for beginners as well as experts. Made up of premium made 2 piece graphite construction, the rod comprise of features like Aluminum oxide stripper and quality-plated snake guides, Natural cork grips and Machined aluminum reel seat.

Echo-Carbon-home7. Echo Carbon Fly Rod: The Echo series brings in a four piece travel fly fishing rod. With easy disassembling and assembling back, the users can find it really comfortable in traveling with this fly fishing rod. Echo gives lifetime warranty to its users on buying this fly fishing rod. There are alignment dots displayed from point to point for quick assemblage.

Hardy-Zenith-home8. Hardy Zenith #4 Fly Fishing Rod (4-Piece): The Hardy Zenith Fly Fishing Rod is utilized for fishing trout in rivers and creek fishing. Available in 4 pieces, the user can easily disassemble and assemble it. It can be carried very easily due to its light weight of 2.50 ounce. Some of the features are AAAA grade reverse half well cork handle, Machined aluminum travel case, Recoil titanium guides and Proprietary Hardy Sintrix rod construction.

redington-butter-stick-home9. Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod: Redington brings in an altogether new form of fly fishing rod namely Butter Stick Fly Rod. Made up of fiberglass, the rod gives out a cool and retro look that fits very easily in the budget. Works in slow action, the fly fishing rod comes with lifetime warranty. There are alignment dots for easy assemblage. The three piece alignment can be easily done at any point of time. It is also equipped with Custom durable Cordura nylon rod tube and rod sock.

Redington-Classic-Trout-home10. Redington Classic Trout 6-Piece Fly Rod: This fly fishing rod measures at 3 x 31 x 3 inches. This resembles the user of fishing in the most classic manner. This rod is available in 6 piece format. Hence it becomes easy for the user to carry it easily while he or she is out on a long travel plan.