Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 7-Feet)

Published in Detail Review on 10th January 2019
Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly Rod, 2 Piece (Yellow, 7-Feet)

Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Fly RodProduct Introduction

One of the most unfortunate attributes related to hobby of the restricted practitioners is the pastime that happens to be spent either quickly or in a less qualitative manner. Fly fishing being one of the well reputed hobbies, is looked up to seriously by most of the practitioners nowadays. But, again the activity can be more fun if and only if the proper tools; fly fishing rods are involved. It is not really difficult to hunt for the best fly fishing rods, but neither is it easy too. Eagle Claw Fly Rod is a trusted product by major population involved in the fly fishing activity. With quicker response and better configurations, Eagle Claw Fly Rod is one of the best fly fishing rods available in the market at your service. Fishing is fun only if it is fast pace and this can be achieved only if the fly fishing rods used are of premium quality.

2 Piece (Yellow, 7-feet),Eagle ClawProduct Details

Eagle Claw Fly Rod is a premium quality rod that is a great value for money. With a line weight of 5/6 and a cork handle, this product is available for online sale too. With the amazing features like the use of traditional glass and Dyna Flow guides, Eagle Claw Flying Rod has been in the favorite list best fly fishing rods of majority of people for years. Its ultra light actions are ideal for Panfish to Rainbows. With one circular guide placed beneath the rod, the tip of the rod is provided with seven guides. This product being easily available for online shopping is a great choice for both fly fishing and lazy shopping. The product will be shipped separately if ordered with other items, but no additional charges will be incurred. These graphite fly fishing rods are very much responsive and overcome most of the errors related to the casting. Unlike the fiberglass rod, the Eagle Claw Fly Rod handles the task as per the perspective of the fishermen offering an optimized fly fishing experience. Though the design of the rod is not very handsome, it is a great deal for the money counted and the performance expected. The best fly fishing rods have their own charm and so does the Eagle Claw Fly Rod. Measurement of the trout length before its release is quite easier and so it is possible to make the fly fishing experience worth a memory. This rod is very useful and convenient to the beginners or even the people who are not really sure of their timely involvement in the fly fishing activity. It is a slow action rod and has commendable features.

Eagle Claw Featherlight Fly RodAdvantages

  • The product is very light in weigh and so fishing under varied circumstances is possible easily.
  • It offers a very good performance and utility factor.
  • Though short, the quality of the cork is smooth and lets the fishermen have a good feel of it.
  • Apart from fishing dry and wet flies could also be smashed down with this amazing stick.
  • Fly line with double taper and the rod gives an aristocratic look and the stiffness offered by the product is enough to flaunt it at the field.


  • The yellow color is quite highlighting and too bright.
  • Tracking of the blank is just marginal.
  • Cork length is small which makes the hand positioning a little difficult.
  • Suitable for slow pace actions.
  • Manipulation of precise placement over a foot’s distance is unpredictable and the core of the product has a little greater dimension.


Out of numerous fly fishing rods available in the market, Eagle Claw Fly Rod is worth for price. Ideal for beginners, this product is one of its kinds, best fishing rods with marginal precision and average looks.


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